Marco Puglisi
Guitar Idol 8 - Syndrone - Neuronic Breakdown (Album Pre-Release Version)
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Hey people! :) Thanks for checking out my video and for actually reading this description. The song you are/were/were not listening to is a track which is going to be featured on my upcoming instrumental metal guitar album called "Chaos Mechanics". It will be out end of 2017/ early 2018. It is a album pre-release version, so there could be a few changes, especially mixing/mastering wise, but I do hope that you still enjoyed it. By no means do I think that I am a kind of Guitar Idol nor do I think that I should win such a contest, but it is always nice to get some free exposure, right? So there we go! :D I am still thankful for every vote, so... THANK YOU! :] If you like what I do, feel free to check out my other videos on YouTube, check out my Facebook page and like whatever you feel is worth of giving a like! This way, you will be up2date for whatever will come - especially my guitar album! :) Facebook page: YouTube: Cheers! Syndrone