The Prizes

Our biggest prize bundle yet. The winner of this years competition will receive a prize bundle worth over £10,000 including an exclusive contract with our partner to become one of their tutors. We also have a range of prizes for runner-ups, including, amps, guitars and pedals.


Guitar Amplifier Bundle


Elixir® Strings is a proud sponsor of Guitar Idol Season 8.

The Guitar Idol will receive a year’s worth, 12 sets, of OPTIWEB® Coated Electric Strings. Elixir® Strings. Great Tone. Long Life.™

The Best Live Performance Award, presented by Elixir Strings, receives a 'Screaming e' custom guitar by Manson Guitar.





AmpliTube Max

5 x AmpliTube Max (retail value £249.99 inc vat each). Total prize value: £1249.95

AmpliTube Max is the fully expanded version of our AmpliTube 4 guitar amp and effects modelling software for Mac/PC providing over 300 pieces of gear including models from Fender, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Engl, Soldano and more, plus our complete Slash and Jimi Hendrix collections.

AmpliTube 4

The top 100 entries will receive a copy of Amplitube 4

AmpliTube 4 is the introductory version offering 66 gear models of amps, pedals, speakers and mics. It is fully expandable with the built-in Custom Shop section.

£1000 Cash

Exclusive contract with for 1 year